Coverage Wizard – Report Export Tutorial – Guardian

Here will walk brokers through step by step on how to pull a report from Guardian.  

Step 1

Log into your Guardian account

If you do not have the correct login information please talk with your Account Manager or IT at your firm.

Step 2

Once logged into your Guardian account,

  • Select “Client billing”  

A list will appear,

  • Select “Current bill”

Step 3

To select the correct Clients billing file, you will need to complete a “Group Search.”  To complete this search you will need either,

  • Group ID, or
  • Group Name and Division ID

Input either identifier and then click “Search.”


Once the correct client appears select, “Download bill.”

Step 4

  • To ensure the proper bill is pulled to be successful in CoverageWizard, please select the file type, “Comma Delimited File”
  • “Select all” or drag column headings from left to right to appear in “Display Columns.”
  • **IMPORTANT – Make sure that “Member Name” is before “Member ID”
  • Click “Continue”

Step 5

  • At the bottom of the page, select “Download”
  • Your Guardian file is now ready to be uploaded in CoverageWizard!

Helpful Tip!

remember to save your file as a .CSV in order for it to process correctly!