Spend less time on admin logistics and more time on your clients.​

CoverageWizard is a fast, easy and automatic way to verify your client's coverage. Saving you time and money while decreasing your liability.

The first automated auditing tool for insurance coverage.​

On average it takes up to 5 hours to audit your client's eligibility after open enrollment. Plus, countless hours spent resolving eligibility issues and rate discrepancies throughout the year.

With Coverage Wizard, a full audit report can be run in a matter of minutes.
With Coverage Wizard, a full audit report can be run in a matter of minutes.
  • 1 - You upload your client's enrollment reports
  • 2 - CoverageWizard automatically compares files and identifies every miss-match and discrepancy
  • 3 - You get an interactive list of every issue that you can collaborate with your team to resolve, correct and make sure you're properly covered.

We've got you covered

CoverageWizard was built by brokers to help minimize errors and save time by automatically comparing your BenAdmin system with your carrier's coverage.
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Identify potential issues automatically

Any mistake in coverage can lead to big costs and liability.

Full audit history with error logs

Our system automatically logs and tracks every report and audit to help you keep your team and coverage on track.

Decreasing liability

Most carriers allow 30-60 days to retro terminate or enroll an employee. CoverageWizard lets you find and correct mistakes instantly to save money, time and liability.

Missed Terminations

Missed Enrollment

Carrier Loads Wrong Rates

Employee Enrolled on the Wrong Plan

About Us

CoverageWizard was created for brokers by brokers to help navigate processes in a streamlined way.

The role of the insurance brokers has changed tremendously over the past 5 years. The past role for a broker included, doing everything on paper and making numerous phone calls. Now, to managing everything online through BenAdmin platforms. With employers wanting more, the look at brokers to manage eligibility, mange the platform and pay for these services. CoverageWizard provides the piece of mind and accountability for everyone involved.

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